Crop farming
Livestock production
INTERMAG is a leading producer of a wide range of agrochemicals for agriculture and horticulture, as well as health promoting products for farm animals.

Experience - INTERMAG Ltd was established in 1988 in Poland. Years of experience in Polish and foreign markets resulted in creating a broad and unique product portfolio.
Market success - increased effectiveness of our customers’ agricultural production followed by growing demand for our products is our greatest award.

Our market success, the quality of our products and the highest standards of customer service are proven by the titles and awards that we have been granted, among others:

“Customer-Friendly Company”
“Quality of the Year”
“Green Laurel”
“Gold Medal”
“Top Innovation”

Research and Development - INTERMAG cooperates with head science institutes in Poland and abroad. We have our own research and development laboratory. Our constant development is confirmed by the twenty submitted patents. Our novel character is also proven by being among the 500 most innovative Polish companies.*
 * Based on the research conducted by the Economic Science Institute PAN and the Research Network MSN.

International expansion - At the moment the company is developing its business activity in many countries all over the world.