Silicon is an abundant element that can be found in the Earth's crust, however, mostly in non-available forms for plants.
Providing plants with active silicon in an easily available form stimulates a number of vital processes, for example, operation of the plant's defence mechanisms against abiotic stresses caused by adverse weather conditions, as well as against biotic stresses associated with pathogen infections.
Easily available silicon strengthens cell walls and increases plant resistance to mechanical damage.
Silicon reduces the pressure of water stress during drought periods through an improved root growth, reduced water evaporation, and an increased photosynthesis efficiency. It stimulates the uptake and use of phosphorus from soil, as well as reduces the effect of a zinc deficiency, especially if phosphorus is in excess.
A product which provides plants with an easily available silicon is OPTYSIL.
OPTYSIL is recommended for foliar application and through the watering system. The product has a neutral pH, hence is miscible with commonly used foliar fertilizers and plant protection products.
In Poland OPTYSIL has been approved for use in organic farming.
OPTYSIL anti-stress product constitutes a key element in the strategy of supporting the natural resistance of plants - STRESS CONTROL SYSTEM.