Water which is used for the preparation of a working solution for foliar feeding or spraying with plant protection products, depending on its origin, significantly differs in composition (content of dissolved calcium, magnesium and other metals salts) and in pH. Using it for fertilization and plant protection without treatment may cause several issues associated with the formation of sediments and high surface tension (reduced wetting of leaves). Inadequate physical and chemical parameters of the solution result in lower effectiveness of foliar fertilizers and/or plant protection products. 
In agronomic treatments, it is advisable to use PROAQUA water conditioner for water treatment. This product binds salts present in water to soluble compounds, easily absorbed by plants, thus preventing adverse reactions between ions in water and nutrients contained in fertilizers and/or active substances in plant protection products. Correct application, coverage and maintenance of the working solution layer on plants significantly facilitates the addition of FASTER adjuvant. PROAQUA and FASTER products increase the compatibility of several agrochemicals, and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of treatments. 
To a sprayer tank filled with water to 1/2 - 2/3 of its volume add a measured amount of PROAQUA and/or FASTER, while mixing continuously. After a while, dissolve magnesium sulphate, urea (appropriate concentration!), and add the remaining fertilizers listed in INTERMAG feeding program.

During the preparation of working solutions remember not to directly mix together fertilizers at high concentrations.
  • For sprayers equipped with an incorporator - fertilizers sequentially dispensed into an incorporator are initially diluted/dissolved prior to being supplied to the tank.
  • For sprayer without an incorporator - it is recommended to dilute/dissolve fertilizers in water in a separate vessel in 1:5 ratio, prior to being supplied to the sprayer.
  • Add a suitable, registered and tested plant protection product to a solution prepared as above, in the dose recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Then fill the tank with water to the desired volume.
  • Use the solution directly after preparation.