Biostimulants play a vital role in the agricultural and horticultural cultivation, that enhance life processes in plants and increase their resistance to various kinds of stress.
Biostimulants contribute to increased yields by stimulating the plants to a more efficient use of natural conditions.
One of the most commonly known growth promoters is TYTANIT. This product is manufactured by a Polish company INTERMAG since 1989. Numerous experimental results and implementations of TYTANIT, as well as customers' feedback confirm its outstanding effectiveness, particularly in yield enhancement. 
The greatest agrobiological benefits associated with the use of TYTANIT include:

·         Significant increase in crop yield
·         Improved biological quality of yield
·         Enhanced natural plant resistance 

It is crucial for the users, that in order to obtain beneficial effects, it is sufficient to apply a very small dose of 0.2-0.4 l/ha of TYTANIT. Another advantage is the possibility of combined use of TYTANIT with most fertilizers and plant protection products used in agriculture and horticulture.
Minor expenses incurred for the product result in high economic benefits.
TYTANIT constitutes a key element in the strategy of supporting the natural resistance of plants - STRESS CONTROL SYSTEM.