BACTIM® FERTI – Microbiological Support for Fertigated Crops

We continue the topic of microbiological innovations and are pleased to introduce another innovative product joining the INTERMAG portfolio this year. BACTIM® FERTI is a product specially dedicated to fertigated crops. Its formula, containing carefully selected strains of bacteria, creates a natural barrier around the root system of plants, reducing the harmfulness of soil-borne diseases and improving the utilization of water and nutrients.

The most important benefits of using BACTIM® FERTI include:

• Improving the physicochemical properties of the soil

• Positive impact on the health of fertigated crops

• Better supply of plants with phosphorus, zinc, and silicon thanks to the solubilization of these elements

• Increased yield and better vigor of plants

• Reduction in the intensity of soil-borne diseases

BACTIM® FERTI is an ideal tool for farmers looking for solutions for fertigated crops. Our product contributes to increased crop efficiency, while also caring for the natural environment, making it an important step towards sustainable agriculture.

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BACTIM® FERTI – Microbiological Support for Fertigated Crops
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