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“BACTIM® RADINET – The Key to Healthy and Efficient Plant Growth”

Root development is of utmost importance for healthy plant growth and maximizing their productive potential. To create optimal conditions for seedling development, it is necessary to choose the appropriate substrate characterized by good permeability, lightness, and the presence of organic matter. It is also important to maintain proper moisture and provide optimal lighting conditions. Additionally, proper fertilization, balanced and precisely tailored to the type of seedling, should not be overlooked. Another crucial factor in the seedling preparation process is root growth stimulation and increasing the efficiency of this process. For this purpose, it is worth considering a biostimulant such as BACTIM® RADINET. It is a microbiological product that contains a unique set of mycorrhizal fungi, rhizosphere fungi, bacteria, and radiolarians.

Mycorrhizal fungi, in symbiosis with plants, have the ability to increase the mass and absorptive surface area of the root system, contributing to improving the nutritional state of plants and intensifying the growth process. Additionally, the presence of rhizosphere fungi, bacteria, and radiolarians in BACTIM® RADINET creates a natural protective barrier for the root system, positively impacting the health of seedlings. The use of the BACTIM® RADINET biostimulant in seedling production not only promotes optimal root system development but also provides many other benefits. Thanks to this preparation, plants become more resistant to transplantation-related stress, are better supplied with water and nutrients, and the production time of seedlings is shortened. Therefore, BACTIM® RADINET is an indispensable tool for achieving healthy and efficient seedling growth.

“BACTIM® RADINET – The Key to Healthy and Efficient Plant Growth”
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