“Cookie Policy”

What are cookies?

Cookies (“cookies”) are small text files which are sent by the server and stored on your on your computer or mobile device (usually on your computer’s hard drive) when you visit or use the INTERMAG website. They store information help us to remember your preferences, analyze how well our website is performing, or even allow us to recommend content we believe will be most relevant to you.

When you use the INTERMAG website, cookies enable us to recognize your device and the fact that you are a returning user. They may also collect data about the domain name of your internet service provider, browser type, operating system type, IP address, pages visited by you, files downloaded, as well as operational data or information about the location of the device you use. Not all information collected by cookies constitutes personal data within the meaning of the GDPR. However, if you have provided us with your personal data in the past, cookies can sometimes be linked directly to your data, for example by linking cookie identification numbers with other information about you.

How and for what purposes do we use cookies?

Cookies enable our website to function properly and to adapt it to the way you use the INTERMAG website. They are also required for collecting statistical data. Cookies help us improve the comfort of browsing our website and enable us to improve it. We also process collected data using cookies in order to analyze the popularity and effectiveness of our products and services.

We also use cookies in our marketing emails (which you receive if you have consented to such contact) to track your interaction with our marketing information. This helps us to customize better content and make them more user-friendly.

We assure you that all information collected using cookies is used by us only for the purposes indicated in this document and in no case will harm you or the device you use, as they do not make any configuration changes to it.

Cookies used on INTERMAG websites can be broadly divided into the following categories:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies. These cookies are necessary for the proper managment of INTERMAG websites. They enable you to move around our websites and use our features. Examples of the operation of such files include remembering previous actions (e.g. entered text) when returning to the page in the same session.
    • Do these cookies collect personal information or identify me? These cookies do not identify you as an individual person. If you do not accept these cookies, the performance of the website or parts of it may be affected.
  • Performance Cookies. These cookies collect information about how you use our websites, for example which pages are most visited, the time you spent on our websaite and any problems you encounter, e.g. error messages. These cookies are also used to inform partners whether the user entered one of our websites from a partner and whether his visit resulted in the use or purchase of a product or service from us. This information also includes data on the purchased product or service. This helps us to improve the performance of our websites.
    • Do these cookies collect personal information or identify me? These cookies do not identify you as an individual person. All information these cookies collect are aggregated and therefore anonymous. They are only used to improve how the website works.
  • Functionality Cookies. These cookies allow our websites to remember choices you have made (such as your username, language or the region you are located) in order to provide a more personalized service. These cookies can also be used to remember changes you have made to text size, fonts, and other parts of web pages that you can customize. Likewise, they can be used to track which products or videos have been viewed to avoid duplications and allow you to use social media tools such as blogs.
    • Do these cookies collect personal information or identify me? The information these cookies collect may include personal information that you have previously provided to us. If you do not accept these cookies, it may affect the performance and functionality of the website and may also restrict access to its content.
  • Cookies related to advertising and its targeting. These cookies are used to deliver content that is more relevant to your interests. They are also used to deliver targeted advertisements or to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as to measure the effectiveness of INTERMAG and third party advertising campaigns. These cookies remember that you have visited one of our websites and this information is shared with other partners, including our marketing companies or media advertisers.. They may also be associated with website features provided by third parties.
    • Do these cookies collect personal information or identify me? Most types of these cookies track consumers via their device ID or IP address and may therefore collect personal information.
  • Third-party cookies. We use a number of partners who may also set cookies on your device on our behalf when you visit our websites to enable the delivery of customized INTERMAG ads on their domains, such as Facebook and Google DoubleClick. We try to identify these cookies before using them so that you can decide whether to accept them or not. We also use multiple partners to provide digital support and functionality on our websites. For example, when browsing INTERMAG websites, third-party cookies may be stored that provide some of our functions on our websites (e.g. YouTube videos), even though you have withdrawn or refused consent to our cookies. It happens because you have expressly consented to the use of these third party cookies. In such cases, you must withdraw your direct consent on the third-party website.

To view the content of third parties, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, the user must first accept their specific terms and conditions. Part of these terms is a cookie policy over which we have no control.

If you do not view this type of content, third party cookies will not be installed on your device. These entities may at any time change their terms of service, purpose and use of cookies, etc.
Do these cookies collect personal information or identify me? Depending on the type of cookies used by the external website, the information these cookies collect may include personal data.


In terms of duration, we use two different types of cookies on our websites:

  • Session cookies. These cookies are temporary files that remain on your device until you leave our websites; or
  • Persistent cookies. These cookies remain on your device for a significantly longer period of time or until you manually delete them (the duration of the storage of a cookie on your device depends on the duration or “lifetime” of a specific cookie, as well as your browser settings, as outlined below).

How to manage cookie settings?

You can change the way cookies are used, including block or delete them completely in your browser – detailed information on how to do this can be found in the user manual. You can also visit https://www.aboutcookies.org/ for practical advice on this topic. However, it should be remembered that restricting the use or blocking of certain cookies may prevent or significantly disrupt the proper operation of our website, e.g. significantly slowing down its operation.

Cookie settings in accordance with the RODO

Our users from the EU, in accordance with the requirements of the RODO, can manage their consents regarding various types of cookies.

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