Recovery stimulant
Intended use
agricultural crops, flax, fruit trees, olive trees, fruit bushes, berries, grapevine, citrus, coffee, vegetables, ornamentals, lawns, plant nurseries
Technique of application
foliar sprays
Available packaging
  •     1l; 5l; 10l; 20l; 1000l
Directions for use
Foliar sprays

AMINOPRIM is an organic stimulant, characterized by high content of natural amino acids and peptides (amino acids represent 50% of the product by weight). Amino acids provided by AMINOPRIM are the basic component of plant cells, stimulate synthesis of chlorophyll and accelerate the process of tissue restoration.

AMINOPRIM is intended for foliar application in agricultural and horticultural crops to improve plant tolerance to stress and accelerate plant recovery following stressful conditions.


Major benefits of using AMINOPRIM stimulant are:

  • Increased stress tolerance and improved plant recovery
  • Higher effectiveness and safety of agrochemical treatment
  • Improved yield quality and quantity.


AMINOPRIM is recommended for simultaneous use with other agrochemicals. Amino acids applied together with fertilizers improve bioavailability of nutrients. Amino acids applied together with plant protection products reduce stress caused by preparation application. Moreover, some short-chain peptides in the preparation naturally stimulate plant growth, support natural defense mechanisms and act as adjuvants.


AMINOPRIM as a recovery stimulant is one of the main elements of the strategy to support the natural resistance of plants STRESS CONTROL SYSTEM (SCS).

Bio product based on amino acids (with the 50% content of amino acids including 15% of the free amino acids). The product mitigates the effects of stress caused by agrochemicals. 





Products marked with ECO logotype are approved for use in international organic farming in accordance with regulation (EC) No 834/2007. You may find all our allowed products on the website:


AMINOPRIM is intended for foliar application in the form of an aqueous solution. AMINOPRIM can be used together with other agrochemicals after conducting a miscibility test. Test results are presented in the table INTERMAG agrochemicals mixing table.

Single dose of AMINOPRIM stimulant: 0.2–0.5 l per 100 l of water.

Apply AMINOPRIM preventively at the timing of foliar treatments appropriate for particular crops or just after occurrence of unfavorable growing condition causing plant stress.