A bioformulation intended to initiate and accelerate the decomposition process of crop residues
Intended use
agricultural crops
Technique of application
spray on crop residues
Directions for use
Foliar sprays

BACTIM® SOIL is an innovative biopreparation for accelerating decomposition of crop residues and improving soil resources in the available for plant nutrients and humus.

BACTIM® SOIL is a liquid biopreparation containing Bacillus subtilis strain B00105 and Bacillus licheniformis strain B00106, which are derived from the natural environment and are specialised in the decomposition of plant matter. These strains have a high ability to synthesise large amounts of cellulolytic enzymes that cause rapid decomposition of cellulose.

When used on crop residues, B. subtilis strain B00105 and B. licheniformis strain B00106 quickly reproduce and effectively act in virtually all weather conditions. Both strains also have a positive effect on the metabolism of plants, for example, by stimulating the development of the root system, making residual phosphorus available, and increasing crop yield. 




Bacteria are present in the form of spores.

Bacillus subtilis strain no. B00105  

250 million bacteria cells/ml

Bacillus licheniformis strain no. B00106  

250 million bacteria cells/ml

Bacteria Bacillus subtilis strain B00105 and Bacillus licheniformis strain B00106, are specialized in the decomposition of plant residues and are derived from the natural environment. BACTIM® SOIL  formulation contains no genetically modified microorganisms.

BACTIM® SOIL is intended for use on crop residues of all crop species. It initiates and accelerates the processes of crop residue decomposition, thus increasing the content of easily available plant nutrients in the soil, the content of humus and improving the structure and microbial activity in the soil.

BACTIM® SOIL has a positive effect on plant health. While it encourages fast decomposition of crop residues, which are the winter habitat of pathogens and pests, it also limits the source of infection and reduces the number of pests. It is particularly useful in an integrated plant cultivation.

Bacteria in BACTIM® SOIL preparation are in a spore form. Therefore, the product retains its beneficial properties over a period of at least 2 years.

Spray crop residues with an aqueous solution of BACTIM® SOIL. 


Place of use

Dose of the preparation, amount of working liquid

Supplementary information

Crop residues (chopped straw, stubble), after the harvest of all species of crops.

The use of BACTIM® SOIL is particularly recommended on crop residues: corn, winter and spring cereals, rape and after harvest of other crops leaving large quantities of residues.

BACTIM® SOIL can also be used on natural fertilizers.

1*–2 L/ha of formulation
in 300–400 L of working liquid


*A dose of 1 L / ha is recommended if nitrogen is used to decompose crop residues.

  • Medium-droplet spraying is recommended;
  • Before application, it is advisable to crush crop residues;
  • After spraying, mix topsoil with the formulation and crop residues;
  • At the time of spraying avoid excessive sunlight – it is best to perform the treatment in the evening;
  • The product can be used with other fertilizers, such as SŁOMEX.