Anti-foaming adjuvant
Intended use
all crops
Technique of application
foliar sprays
Available packaging
  •     1l; 5l; 10l; 20l; 1000l
Directions for use
Foliar sprays

FASTER is an adjuvant that improves the qualities of solutions used in foliar fertilizing and plant protection. Compared to other adjuvants, it additionally has anti-foaming properties and significantly reduces the amount of foam in a sprayer tank.


FASTER facilitates correct application and coverage, and the maintenance of a layer of the working solution on the plant surface. This enhances assimilation of nutrients from foliar fertilizers and increases the effectiveness of active ingredients in plant protection products.

FASTER is particularly recommended for combined application with many agrochemicals (e.g., fungicide, insecticide, growth regulator, fertilizer, biostimulant), especially those that provoke foaming of the liquid.

Add FASTER to the solution when preparing the working liquid intended for foliar spraying.

Recommended dose of FASTER adjuvant: add 0.1 litres into 100 litres of solution.