Amino acid activator
Intended use
agricultural crops
Technique of application
foliar sprays
Available packaging
  •     5l; 20l; 500l; 1000l
Directions for use
Foliar sprays

FOTON  is a foliar amino acid activator, highly stimulating physiological processes in the plant, including photosynthesis, which directly affects the quantity and quality of the yield. Particularly recommended for use in case of a weaker condition of plants as a result of, e.g. adverse weather conditions.

Due to its unique formula combining the action of amino acids, trace elements, and INT technology (Innovative Nutrient Transfer), quickly restores plants' potency and chlorophyll levels required for efficient photosynthesis process.


FOTON composition includes amino acids complex, which increase plants' tolerance to adverse growing conditions, and accelerates recovery after the occurrence of stress conditions.

FOTON is recommended for agricultural plant species for preventive treatments during periods of intense growth and development, and also for interventions, after the occurrence of signs of weakening plant condition. 


Nutrients %(m/m) g/L
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 5.0 65
Sulphur trioxide (SO3) 12.5 161
Iron (Fe) 2.0 26


Major beneficial effects of FOTON activator include:

  •   Intensive plant stimulation of metabolic processes
  •   Fast recovery and improvement in the condition of plants 
  •   Increased size and quality of yield

FOTON is intended for foliar application as an aqueous solution. May be used in combination with other agrochemicals formulations after positive mixing test results. Test results are presented in the table INTERMAG agrochemicals mixing table. During treatments, avoid excessive sunlight, high temperatures and wind causing droplets drifting.


Single dose of FOTON fertiliser: 1-2 L/ha.
The amount of working solution must be selected according to the requirements of plant species and treatment technique.
PREVENTION: 2-4 treatments in combination with other agrochemicals, every 10-21 days during periods of intense development and growth of plants.


Intervention - use repeatedly every 3-5 days after noticing weaker condition of plants or every 3-7 days starting immediately after the occurrence of adverse growing conditions.