Activator of resistance to spring frost
Intended use
fruit trees, fruit bushes
Technique of application
foliar sprays
Available packaging
  •     1l; 5l; 10l; 20l
Directions for use
Foliar sprays

FROSTEX is a foliar preparation which improves plant resistance to temperature decreases during the periods of flower bud development and flowering. It is specifically intended for species with early vegetative growth and flowering, and therefore particularly sensitive to sudden drops in temperature.


FROSTEX used preventively before the onset of stressful conditions significantly reduces damage to flower buds and flowers caused by spring frosts, and thus reduces the risk of losing a part of or even the whole of the crop yield.


Nutrients Content [g/l] Content [% by mass]
Total nitrogen (N) 42 3.0
incl. ureic (NH2) nitrogen (N) 42 3.0
Potassium oxide (K2O) 300 21.0
Boron (B) 1.4 0.100
Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA 1.4 0.100
FROSTEX is enriched with specific substances (e.g. amino acids and polysaccharides) that significantly accelerate assimilation of product constituents by plants. This causes an increase in the levels of potassium, boron and zinc inside the cell. It results in improved resistance of buds, flowers and fruit buds to frost, by lowering the freezing point of water in the cells and intercellular spaces.


FROSTEX as an activator of resistance to spring frost is one of the elements of the strategy to support the natural resistance of plants STRESS CONTROL SYSTEM (SCS).



FROSTEX is intended for foliar application in the form of an aqueous solution. FROSTEX can be used together with other agrochemicals after conducting a miscibility test. Test results are presented in the table INTERMAG agrochemicals mixing table.​​​​​


  1. Improved resistance to frost
    Suggested two treatments in the period before the expected frost:
  • 1st spray (recommended): 2–3 days before the expected frost,
  • 2nd spray (required): approximately 12 hours before the expected frost.


  1. Fertilization
    Due to high potassium content, FROSTEX can be used as a foliar fertilizer.
    Spray 2–5 times during plant development.  In perennial crops apply additional 1–2 sprays after the harvest to improve the condition of plants and their winter hardiness.
    Recommended dose 3–6 l/ha. The number of treatments should be adapted to the requirements of individual species in terms of potassium.