EDTA chelated micronutrients in the form of readily soluble in water ultra-granulate
Intended use
fruit trees, olive trees, fruit bushes, berries, grapevine, citrus, coffee, vegetables, ornamentals, lawns, plant nurseries
Technique of application
fertigation, foliar sprays
Available packaging
  •     1kg; 5kg; 25kg
Directions for use
Foliar sprays

MIKRO PLUS ULTRA is a chelate in an ultra-granular form, containing a range of microelements fully chelated by EDTA. 


MIKRO PLUS ULTRA is intended for fertigation in inert, organic substrates and in the ground. It may also be used as foliar fertilizer.


Thanks to innovative technology, all the ingredients are contained in each ultra-granule. This guarantees full homogeneity of the product and high solubility.


Major advantages of MIKRO PLUS ULTRA are:

  • High content of fully-chelated trace elements;
  • Stability over a wide pH range;
  • Fast dissolution due to ultra-granulated form.
Nutrients g/kg % by mass
Boron (B) 7 0.7
Copper (Cu) chelated by EDTA 4 0.4
Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA 63 6.3
Manganese (Mn) chelated by EDTA 28 2.8
Molybdenum (Mo) 1.5 0.15
Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA 9 0.9

MIKRO PLUS ULTRA may be used in different fertilization techniques, including fertigation and foliar sprays.


  1. FERTIGATION (fertilizing combined with watering) of crops in inert or organic substrates, in the ground
    Specific recommendations (medium composition and the frequency of application) shall take into account the nutritional requirements of plants and agronomic and climatic conditions of cultivation (including the type of substrate).
    The calculations shall take into account the content of nutrients in other fertilizers used to prepare the medium and in water used to prepare the medium.

Use MIKRO PLUS ULTRA as an aqueous solution at a concentration of 0.001–0.0004% (0.01–0.04 kg i.e. 10–40 g of fertilizer in 1,000 liters of ready to use nutrient solution).

When using MIKRO PLUS ULTRA in a nutrient solution along with other fertilizers, do not exceed a combined concentration of 0.2% of all ingredients of the solution being dosed.

When preparing concentrated solutions, fertilizer dose shall be increased accordingly and add MIKRO PLUS ULTRA to a different tank than a tank with a calcium fertilizer.


    MIKRO PLUS ULTRA is intended for foliar application in the form of an aqueous solution. The fertilizer can be used together with other agrochemicals after conducting a miscibility test. Test results are presented in the table INTERMAG agrochemicals mixing table.

Solution concentration for foliar nutrition: 0.02–0.04% (0.02-0.04 kg of fertilizer in 100 l water).

Use MIKRO PLUS ULTRA as a preventive measure in periods and doses recommended in fertilization programs for particular plant varieties (accounting for plant demand for trace elements in specific development stages) or as intervention, if trace element deficiency was diagnosed in plants.