Liquid, mineral seed fertilizer.
Available packaging
  •     1l; 5l; 10l; 20l; 1000l
Directions for use
Foliar sprays

Liquid, mineral seed fertilizer. 

CROPS Fertilizer and water dose per 100 kg of seeds
 water [litre] PRIMUS L [litre]
wheat, barley, triticale 0.8 0.2
oat 1.2 0.3
maize 0.9 0.3
sugar beet 0.9 0.3
rapeseed and other seeds of brassica vegetables 0.5 0.2
herbage legumes 0.5 0.2
grain legumes 0.8 0.3
Seed potatoes – 1.5 l of  PRIMUS L fertilizer/ 10-50 l water/ 1 ton of seed potatoes

It is crucial to cover the whole surface of the seeds with the solution.