Fertilizers for new challenges in agriculture

Fertilization is one of the fundamental factors that significantly influence crop yield. Providing the plant with the macro- and micronutrients it needs to survive determines the correct course of a number of physiological processes and conditions the proper growth and development of the plant. Although macro-nutrient fertilization is essential, the plant cannot reach its yield potential without micronutrients. They are responsible for a number of yield-enhancing processes in plants, such as improving the uptake of water and nutrients from the soil, stimulating the synthesis of phytohormones, increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis or strengthening the natural resistance of plants.
One of the biggest challenges facing farmers around the world today is the increasing frequency and severity of weather anomalies. Recent years have shown that climate change, with prolonged and devastating droughts in some seasons and repeated rainstorms in others, is a major risk factor for any farmer. In addition, rapidly changing weather conditions are shortening the window of opportunity for effective crop nutrition treatments. As a result, growers are looking for more effective and faster-acting solutions, and companies are producing more advanced products. 
The fact is that salts and oxides are not as effective as providing chelated micronutrients. Among other things, the use of chelates facilitates the penetration of elements deep into plants, prevents their hydration and improves the miscibility of fertilizers with other substances. The choice of chelating agent is also extremely important.

AMINO ULTRA® is a range of single-nutrient micronutrient fertilizers that feed plants quickly and effectively. AMINO ULTRA® fertilizers use patented GCAA technology, which combines micronutrients with the amino acid glycine. Glycine is the smallest and most mobile amino acid in plants, which means that the micronutrients bound to it are delivered to the plant faster and more efficiently than when using simple salts, oxides or fertilizers based on other complexing substances.

AMINO ULTRA® provides plants with a range of micronutrients essential for growth and development by activating yield-forming processes. In addition, the amino acids in AMINO ULTRA® enhance protein synthesis. Thanks to GCAA technology, the plant is nourished within hours of application. Studies confirm a significant increase in the effectiveness of plant nutrition with micronutrients and an increase in yield after application of AMINO ULTRA®. 

AMINO ULTRA® not only has a rapid nutritional effect, but is also efficient and cost effective due to a low dose per hectare and environmentally safe due to the use of glycine, which is naturally found in plants.

Fertilizers for new challenges in agriculture
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