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INTERMAG representatives attended Crops & Chemicals USA Conference which took place in Raleigh North Carolina between 23rd and 25th July. Crops & Chemicals USA is one of the largest conference dedicated to innovations in agrochemicals in USA, which takes place in ”the research triangle park”, the largest concentration of Research & Development units in the field of agricultural biotechnology. Around 300 persons attended in the conference and within 3 days 40 presentation and poster session were held. Representatives of INTERMAG were invited by organizers to have presentations. Polish producer of agrochemicals was the only company which had 2 presentations and 2 posters during the conference. This is an extraordinary appreciation of INTERMAG as the leader of innovative agrochemicals for modern agriculture in international market.

The first INTERMAG lecture was dedicated to biostimulants. The presentation entitled „Connecting biostimulant use, physiological response, yield, and financial return on investment” was given by Hubert Kardasz, Chief Executive Officer of INTERMAG. Hubert Kardasz in his lecture presented unique properties of two products: TYTANIT and OPTYSIL, their impact on yield quality and quantity and return from the investment. The presentation generated a lot of interest among the audience. INTERMAG since last year has been carried out the registration process of its biostimulants. OPTYSIL has been registered in several states and in the remaining the registration process should be completed until the end of this year. INTERMAG will be the first Polish producer selling biostimulants on one of the most demanding and advanced agro markets in the world.

The second INTERMAG presentation was dedicated to the use of chelates based on biodegradable ligands in formulating of modern products for agriculture. The presentation of PhD Anna Konieczny, manager responsible for development of American market,  also generated a lot of interest, which was proved by many questions from the audience.

INTERMAG participation in the congress was very successful. We obtained many important contacts, especially from American market, and had an opportunity to listen to very interesting presentations from the field of biostimulants, biopesticides and other innovative agrochemicals.

Raleigh Downtown

Presentation of Hubert Kardasz, CEO of INTERMAG

Presentation of PhD Anna Konieczny

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