Successful insemination

Author: Marcin Majcher


Spring period is a time when insemination of cattle is the most beneficial from the economics of milk production viewpoint. However, many farmers encounter the issue of so called "silent estrous". This issue very often affects high-performance dairy cows, in which energy deficiencies occur. This phenomenon is also caused by inappropriate diet and inadequate ration balancing. Deficiency of indispensable amino acids results in the formation of excessive amounts of ammonium ions, which consequently adversely affects reproduction.
INTERMAG laboratory developed an innovative product − METIOVEC®, which prevents the occurrence of "silent estrous".
METIOVEC when used the right time in the cow's estrous cycle, has a regulatory effect on the reproductive system, thus enhancing the symptoms of estrous and improving the efficiency of insemination.
The product has a unique and exceptionally rich composition of vitamins and amino acids necessary for the successful process of insemination and related processes. Well balanced nutrition and proper diet are an extremely important element of reducing the occurrence of "silent estrous".

METIOVEC® contains a complete combination of lipophilic vitamins participating in the regulation of fertility.
Vitamin A and beta-carotene play an important role in regulating the estrous cycle and their deficiencies may lead to fertility disorders and an increased incidence "silent estrous". Beta-carotene supplementation should be accompanied by supplying the organism with an adequate amount of vitamin E and protein.
Tocopherol due to its properties, enhances the processes preventing degeneration of the ovaries and proper maturation of the graafian follicles, and its sufficient level in ration enhances embryo implementation in the uterus.
Indispensable amino acid
High-performance cows receive feed rich in protein, which is fully absorbed only in the presence of so-called essential amino acids.
In the event when there is a deficiency in an indispensable amino acid – one of the most sensitive in terms of supply dose, i.e. methionine, lysine, tryptophane, absorption may be impaired, excessive amounts of ammonia may be produced, and consequently, reproduction performance may deteriorate. METIOVEC® covers the demand for these essential nutrients.

Feed materials
METIOVEC® also contains clover and lucerne - feed raw materials. In case of fertility disorders and “silent estrous”,  additional supply of phytoestrogens present in lucerne and clover stimulates the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland inducing the full symptoms of estrous.
METIOVEC® used as a direct, single infusion into the mouth:

  • enhances the full symptoms of estrous
  • improves the efficiency of insemination
  • corrects energy deficiency
  • limits the incidence of ovarian cysts
  • corrects indispensable amino acids and vitamins deficiencies

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