Glycine copper chelate (240 000 mg Cu) in the form of granules
Intended use
poultry, swine, ruminants
Technique of application
to feed
Available packaging
  •     1kg; 5kg; 25kg

SUPLEXAN AMINOCHELAT Cu-24 is a glycine copper chelate (240 000 mg Cu) in the form of granules.

Copper supplied in SUPLEXAN AMINOCHELAT Cu-24 is rapidly absorbed and assimilated by animals.

The product is a registered feed supplement for use in all groups and species of animals. It is fully water soluble and mixes easily with other feed ingredients.


SUPLEXAN AMINOCHELAT Cu-24 is a product, in which copper is chelated by the most digestible amino acid—glycine. Due to the glycine chelate form, the element is more bioavailable (shows almost 100% absorption and assimilation rate in the body) and the risk of vitamin deactivation is lower. The presence of glycine in the product stimulates the synthesis of proteins, red blood cells and supports the normal processes of nerve transmission in the body.


The use of SUPLEXAN AMINOCHELAT Cu-24 feed supplement improves breeding parameters, allows to reduce the cost of feeds and, consequently, increases the profitability of stockbreeding.


Indications for use:

  • weak growth
  • fragile bones
  • vascular insufficiency
  • reproductive disorders


Main components:

Glycine copper chelate 240 000 mg Cu


Leaflet for download:

Add to feed according to the recommendations of the process engineer.

Do not give directly during feeding.