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Microbiological support for horticultural crops – BACTIM® HORTI

At the start of the new year, INTERMAG proudly continues its mission to promote innovative practices in agriculture. We are honored to present to you our latest achievement in the field of microbiology – BACTIM® HORTI, specially designed for the horticultural cultivation sector.

BACTIM® HORTI represents a breakthrough in natural plant protection. This product creates a microbiological barrier on the leaves and stems of plants, effectively reducing the negative impact of pathogens. This is key to maintaining plant health and good condition. Additionally, bacteria contained in BACTIM® HORTI activate plant growth, leading to better vigor and yield potential.

Key advantages of BACTIM® HORTI:

  • Improved Health of Horticultural Crops: By creating a microbiological barrier on leaves and stems, BACTIM® HORTI plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and condition of plants..
  • Limiting the Harmfulness of Pathogenic Microorganisms: The formulation effectively reduces the harmful impact of pathogenic microorganisms, safeguarding the crops against potential threats.
  • Strengthening the Condition and Vigor of Crops: BACTIM® HORTI activates and supports plant growth, leading to enhanced vigor and improved yield potential.
  • Increasing Yields and Their Quality: Users of BACTIM® HORTI can expect not just increased yields, but also improvements in the quality of their produce.

At INTERMAG, we commit ourselves to continuous innovation. Our product, BACTIM® HORTI, is an expression of this commitment. Together, we can work towards a better future in agriculture, where plant health and the natural environment go hand in hand with efficiency.

Microbiological support for horticultural crops – BACTIM® HORTI
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