Monitoring implementation – that was the motto of our last week

Monitoring implementation – that was the motto of our last week. We visited fruit growers in the Mazovia region who use our fertiliser technology.

Despite a not very warm spring, the condition of the plants, which is largely influenced by correct fertilisation, was almost ideal. The plants showed no signs of nutrient deficiency, were strong and healthy. In addition, they had developed an adequate number of flowers (in the case of strawberries) and fruit buds (in the case of apple and pear trees).

The fertilisation technologies used by the fruit growers included not only the use of micronutrient fertilisers from the AMINO ULTRA® series (e.g. AMINO ULTRA® Fe-20, AMINO ULTRA® Mn-22, AMINO ULTRA® Zn-24) and biostimulant products (TYTANIT®, OPTYSIL®), but also macronutrient fertilisers from the PLONVIT® series (e.g. PLONVIT® OPTY, PLONVIT® KALI).

The use of AMINO ULTRA® series fertilisers was aimed at quickly and effectively supplying plants with micro-nutrients to enable them to carry out physiological processes related to nitrogen metabolism, stimulate phytohormone synthesis, increase photosynthesis efficiency or strengthen the natural immunity of plants.

Macronutrient fertilisers were mainly used to supplement soil fertilisation, while biostimulants were used to increase cold tolerance, reduce plant susceptibility to pathogens and improve flowering and budding.

The fertilisation technologies developed by our company are precisely tailored to the nutritional requirements of individual plant species. Remember that plants which are properly nourished, show no signs of deficiency and are adequately prepared for unfavourable weather conditions during the growing season will return the favour with a healthy and high-quality crop.

Monitoring implementation – that was the motto of our last week
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