Effective fight against frosts

Effective fight against frosts

Plant’s tolerance to low temperatures is the greatest during winter dormancy. Early spring, the beginning of vegetation, more and more intensive sap circulation in cells and their increasing hydration make plants sensitive to cold and frost. Flower buds, flowers and fruit primordia are  the most sensitive to frost damage, especially of those species that start vegetation and flowering first, such as apricots and cherries. Apple and pear trees, as well as oilseed rape - plants that bloom later, are more tolerant.

INTERMAG solutions supporting plants

INTERMAG has effective solutions to prevent frost damage.

To increase resistance to spring chills and frosts, it is worth to use OPTYSIL®.
The product activates immune factors, the silicon contained in it strengthens the structures of cell walls, which increases plant resistance to stress, including stress caused by low temperature. The fertilizer has protective properties. OPTYSIL® is recommended to use in a dose of 0.5 L/ha. Application of this product, will increase the resistance of plants to temperature drops during the flower bud development and flowering. The treatment is especially recommended for species that begin their vegetation and flowering early, and therefore are exposed to rapid temperature drops. The technology is used preventively before the occurrence of stressful conditions, which significantly reduces the damages of flower buds and flowers caused by spring frosts. To enhance the effect of the treatment, we suggest using those products together with TYTANIT® - a stimulator of plant growth and yielding. TYTANIT® is indispensable in periods of intensive plant growth and development and in conditions of plant exposure to stress factors, including low temperature. TYTANIT® is used at the dose of 0.2–0.4 L/ ha.

Recommended treatments in the period before the expected frosts:

I (recommended): 2-3 days before the expected frost,

II (indispensable): approximately 12 hours before the expected frost.

It is worth taking action today to minimize the loss caused by the expected frosts.