BACTIM® LEAVES - an alternative to urea in orchards

   As every year, new solutions appear in the INTERMAG product range. This season, among them, we can find BACTIM® LEAVES, a fertilizer intended for accelerating decomposition of apple leaves, indirectly limiting the source of infection of fungus Venturia inaequalis, causing apple scab.  The fertilizer is enriched with FORMULA FAST - consortium of Bacillus spp. bacteria with high ability to decompose cellulose and pectin, which are integral part of apple leaves. Quick decomposition of pectin and cellulose causes the destruction of internal cells of fallen apple leaves. The destruction of leaf structure leads to the decomposition of leaf blades, which limits the possibility of forming Venturia inaequalis fruiting bodies, causing apple scab. It results in the reduction of fruiting body number and limits the possibility of fruiting body maturation in spring.  



   For many years urea has been used as standard formulation intended for decomposition of fallen leaves and thus limiting the potential ascospore dose. Applying urea became part of the apple tree protection program. However, due to the environmental protection and contamination of water with nitrates, there is a need to look for a different solution. In addition, in EU countries, due to regulatory changes, from the 2021 season, urea is available only in the combination with urease inhibitors or in the form of polymer-coated granules. Such forms of urea have not yet been tested in experiments aimed at accelerating decomposition of apple leaves in orchards. In such a situation, BACTIM® LEAVES becomes a perfect alternative in terms of limiting the source of infection caused by apple scab.


   The results of studies showed that application of BACTIM® LEAVES, via spraying apple trees in the fall just before leaf falling, similarly to urea leads to a quick and effective decomposition of apple leaves. Faster decomposition of apple leaves contributes to the reduction in the number of fruiting bodies of Venturia inaequalis. Reduction of fruiting body number, formed on fallen leaves, leads to the lower number of Venturia inaequalis ascospores released in the spring. Lower number of ascospores limits probability of the young tissue infection.

BACTIM® LEAVES should be applied on trees just before the leaf falling. The product may also be used for spraying fallen leaves remaining on the ground, immediately after their falling.


The benefits of BACTIM® LEAVES application:

  • accelerating decomposition of fallen leaves
  • limiting the source of infection of fungus Venturia inaequalis, causing apple scab
    • limiting possibility of fruiting body maturation
    • lower infection level in orchard
    • lower cost of fungicide protection in orchard
  • lower level of fungicide residues in plant
  • lower probability of developing resistance of fungus Venturia inaequalis to fungicides
  • improving soil physicochemical properties
  • less pollution of the environment with nitrogen fertilizers


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