“Bramble structure” - the unique formula of ultra-granules

August 17, 2016

INTERMAG has years of experience in producing high quality chelated fertilisers. The process for producing chelates is based on the technology protected by several patents. In 2015 the company launched a modern plant for the production of chelated fertilisers in a form of ultra-granules. Ultra-granules feature new properties and performance.


  • fast solubility due to their unique structure
  • total solubility – a solution formed after reconstitution of ultra-granules is precipitation free
  • very good solubility also in cold and hard water
  • no dust during pouring into the tank with water
  • high resistance to external factors during storage (no clumping)
Why chelates?
MIKROCHELAT range is recommended in the cultivation of plants for foliar treatments, soil applications, fertigation, and hydroponic crops, in order to effectively prevent and eliminate shortages of copper, iron, manganese and zinc.
Chelated cations of Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn are more rapidly absorbed and assimilated by plants than traditional mineral fertilisers and do not undergo undesired chemical reactions with other nutrients present in the solution and active ingredients in plant protection products.
Chelates are compatible with most foliar fertilisers and plant protection products and their use brings very good results even at low doses.

MIKROCHELAT range consists of Zn-15, Mn-13, Fe-13, Cu-15, Fe-11 and Fe-6-o-o chelates.
Benefits of chelates:
  • easily transported in plant tissues
  • quickly assimilated by plants and safe to them
  • effective at low rates
  • compatible with most of other agrochemicals
  • 100% soluble in water: welcome to see the movie below!