INTERMAG growing in China

September 10, 2019

In August our representatives Grzegorz Cieśliński, PhD and Sebastian Żmudzki, PhD  (Market Development Manager INTERMAG) visited China. The aim of the visit was the meeting with our Chinese partner – global company UPL distributing our flagship product TYTANIT and a common presence in Agropages BioEx conference in Hangzhou where UPL and INTERMAG were event cosponsors. Presentation given by Sebastian Żmudzki from INTERMAG and Adam Shao from UPL on new horizons for beneficial elements in sustainable agriculture attracted impressive auditory from China and other Asian countries. Our booth was visited by tens of conference participants interested in distributing and use of our product. TYTANIT, the flagship product marketed in Asia by UPL, was awarded as one of TOP 10 BIOSTIMULANTS with Greatest Market Potential in China in 2019.


The visit was a great opportunity to sum up our few years presence in Chinese and South – East Asia markets and to visit and train local representatives in China. In the second part of the trip representatives visited our new cooperative in northern China to train local team and have a closer glance on the problems of Chinese agriculture.


This sector of Chinese economy is growing rapidly and Chinese farmers are open for new challenges and solution. INTERMAG development plan for coming years includes rapid and effective presence increase in this part of the world. The name of INTERMAG is getting more and more familiar among Chinese farmers. 


Photo 1. TYTANIT was awarded TOP 10 BIOSTIMULANTS with Greatest Market Potential in China in 2019.


Photo. 2. Presentation of Sebastian Żmudzki 


Photo 3. Grzegorz Cieśliński trained local representatives in China.