Crop Farming March 31, 2016

Yield guaranteed

Effective pollination and subsequent fertilisation results in high quantity and quality of the obtained crop yield. Unsuitable weather conditions or small number of pollinators are the factors that...

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Crop Farming March 03, 2016

Rootstar - start the season from the root

Development of the root system is highly dependent on the environmental conditions, both weather and cultivation. Hormones, auxins to be exact...

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Crop Farming February 26, 2016

Effective protection against spring frost

FORSTEX is a foliar product used as a preventive measure to protect flower buds, flowers and fruit buds from frost damage.

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Crop Farming February 15, 2016

Higher resistance - better start

At the dawn of the new growing season, it is worth considering what action to take to ensure the best plant development regardless of the environmental and cultivation conditions.

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Company Achievements June 09, 2015

Initiator of Innovation - a prestigious award for INTERMAG

It is with great pride and joy to announce that INTERMAG has been awarded in the prestigious, Polish innovation promoting competition - "Initiator of Innovation", organized by Newsweek Poland.

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