Plants cultivation – from the idea to the ready solution

May 01, 2016

The way of launching the new product into the INTERMAG’s portfolio starts months earlier in our R&D department.  

In accordance with the applicable company procedures, a prior detailed verification and confirmations is required that new product has high agrobiological efficiency, is stable during transportation and storage and that it is safe for both, user and environment. An inspiration for the development of new product is most cases needs reported by farmers and horticulturists, as well as new trends in the world fertiliser agriculture, which we collect information on not only from scientific and technical publications, but also from the farming and horticulture practice.

After accepting the idea of a new product, we commence laboratory works to create a prototype, which will be used in further studies. The purpose of the first phase of the laboratory work is to obtain a product of expected physical and chemical properties. Very often it is the most difficult phase and requires sometimes repeated attempts and changes in process assumptions. Each product sample obtained under laboratory conditions is subjected to durability tests that last at least one month.They include: exposing the formulation to adverse external factors which may occur in real-life conditions, and which may affect stability of the product (e.g. low or high temperature, solar radiation, shocks, crushing etc.). After obtaining a product with satisfactory physical and chemical properties, the prototype is subject to tests for possible phytotoxicity, a possible negative impact on plants. Only after the elimination of such risk, the first batch of product is produced and the formulation is submitted for biological experimental studies. They are first carried out on a small scale under controlled conditions (mostly greenhouse), and then continued in scientific institutions in order to precisely (supported by statistical calculations) determine the impact of application of a new product on the grown plants. Very often at the same time (or later) field trials are conducted - directly on agricultural and/or horticultural farms. 
Only under condition the positive results of it were achieved the product is approved for serial production and launched into INTERMAG’s product offer.