Prestigious QUALITY OF THE YEAR® GOLD Certificate for INTERMAG

April 18, 2016
INTERMAG has been awarded a prestigious QUALITY OF THE YEAR® GOLD Certificate for innovation in pro-health products for animals. The award-winning product line includes the following preparations: Kokcidin, Ketoweg, Pidolac, Metiovec, Musculaton, Respival, and Suplexan product range. Preparations manufactured by INTERMAG have been developed in collaboration with research centres (Institute of Animal Production in Balice, University of Life Sciences in Wrocław). Award-winning product line features solutions designed to prevent development of severe and most common diseases, in line with the principle "prevention is better than treatment".

Due to liquid formulation and high bioavailability of the ingredients, our preparations quickly and effectively replenish nutritional deficiencies, improving production yield and animal welfare. Carefully selected product components provide good solubility properties over the entire watering line length, and products may be used at low doses.
   QUALITY OF THE YEAR® Certificate was introduced 10 years ago, it is the highest-scale initiative in Poland for promoting companies, organisations, and research institutes, where high quality of innovative products is a priority, and also sets the path for further development.  The award was accepted at the European Congress of Quality held on 17 March 2016 in Warsaw by the Marketing Director - Wiesław Ciecierski, on behalf of INTERMAG Management Board. This event brought together business, science, and local governments representatives, who discussed quality-associated issues. This year's edition keyphrase was: "Simply QUALITY". An important part of the meeting were topic-specific panel discussions, debates, and workshops on practical and theoretical aspects of quality. There were also industry aspects - the event included sessions dedicated to agriculture and other sectors.
   QUALITY OF THE YEAR® initiative has been organised by Qualitas foundation - a member of recognized organisations operating in the field of quality.  Since it has been established, the foundation is committed to supporting and promoting the idea of quality and good business practices. This objective is continuously implemented by promoting pro-quality mindset and substantial presence at numerous quality-related meetings, seminars, conferences, and congresses.