SUPLEXAN® INTRO – fast growth of turkeys

April 15, 2016
The producers of broiler turkey very often complaint about uneven growth in their herds that results in prolonged rearing and economic losses. One of the reasons for the issues in the initial rearing period is the lack of a rapid resorption of the yolk sac. Therefore, in order to prevent losses, INTERMAG has developed an excellent and proven solution-SUPLEXAN® INTRO.

Properly selected and concentrated components of SUPLEXAN® INTRO contribute to stimulating the growth and development of the digestive system of the youngest animals. Many years of studies on sodium butyrate have proved its outstanding performance in enhancing development of intestinal villi, increasing absorption surface, improved digestion and an enhanced function of the liver. Pine essential oil prevents diarrhoea in young animals and also controls digestion and enhances appetite. The formula is rich in phenolic compounds with strong antioxidant action, and the presence of sage oleoresin with relaxant action assists in treatment of indigestion, preventing excessive fermentation in the gut. SUPLEXAN® INTRO, due to electrolytes content, such as sodium and potassium chloride, and betaine has a positive impact on the whole digestive system, preparing the animals for an improved growth. In addition, an adequate level of electrolytes in the body fluids prevents change in bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract and digestive processes disorders. The product complements food dose in vitamin D3 and C, regulates carbohydrate-fat management and enhances immune system. SUPLEXAN® INTRO includes sorbitol, due to its properties, sorbitol improves feed and water intake, thus improves animal growth and facilitates quicker expected results of breeding.

The benefits of using SUPLEXAN® INTRO:
  • facilitating a good start for the gastrointestinal tract
  • supporting yolk sac resorption
  • regulation of liver function
  • electrolyte supplementation
  • limiting incidents of diarrhoea and indigestion
  • improved feed intake and digestibility
  • fast and easy incorporation of product into feeding regardless of animals' age, guaranteed by liquid form of the product