INTERMAG is a company founded in Poland in 1988. From the beginning, its activity focused on the development and production of modern preparations for agriculture. Currently the company is one of the biggest manufacturers of fertilizers and biostimulants, and actively participates in the sector of animal health products. INTERMAG has expanded its operations in Europe, Asia, Africa, North, and South America.


Our ambition is to become the leading provider of the most modern solutions for farmers and help them increase productivity, following the company's motto: "EFFECTIVENESS THROUGH KNOWLEDGE."

INTERMAG's mission is to promote solutions for increasing the efficiency of agricultural production while caring for the environment and food safety. For this purpose, we cooperate with renowned research and scientific centers. We have also built our own research and experimental facilities where advanced research and development activities are performed.


The inspiration for new projects are often solutions and mechanisms created by nature. Launching new products into the market is always preceded with extensive biological studies to confirm their effectiveness in real-life applications.

The strength of INTERMAG lies in a team of experienced experts who support our customers and partners with their knowledge and experience.

INTERMAG's objective is a long-term development, so it is important for us to invest in research and development. Modern equipment and instruments in the laboratory and a team of experienced, educated professionals, full of commitment and passion for the search and discovery of new solutions, bring the astonishing results of innovative products on the market. Also, the production potential of the company continues to increase. Our expanded and modernized plant is now one of the most modern in Europe among manufacturers in the agriculture industry.


The company's primary virtue is customer satisfaction. Our customers’ growing requirements, opinions, and suggestions are the inspiration for continuous improvement of the product range and implementation of further innovative solutions, increasing in the profitability of agricultural production.


We look forward to cooperating with you

Major Qualities of INTERMAG Products


High quality

We guarantee a stable physical form of our products and a composition consistent with the declared content. We use the latest production technologies and follow procedures in accordance with recommendations. Our production is based on the Quality and Environmental Management Systems ISO 9001 and 14001, and Good Manufacturing Practices GMP +. The raw materials used come from verified suppliers that meet quality requirements according to ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as GMP+. Prior to production, all components are subject to strict quality control checks.


High efficiency

Our products can significantly increase crop yield, improve its quality and raise the productivity and health of animals. The effectiveness of products is confirmed experimentally and supported by positive user feedback. Agricultural recommendations are optimized for various climate conditions. High-concentration products allow desired effects to be achieved at low doses.



Our products are based on unique ideas. Novel solutions are protected by patents. We offer innovative products such as biostimulants, anti-stress agents, bioproducts, specialty fertilizers, adjuvants and animal health products. Our comprehensive technologies relating to crop farming and animal health protection meet the requirements of professional agricultural businesses.


In-house formulae

Compositions and formulations of fertilizers and animal preparations are developed by technologists in INTERMAG laboratories in consultation with scientific centers, and are field-tested on farms.



Due to a sound knowledge of the market, we can provide a fast response to the market’s changing needs and requirements. We pay special attention to the practicability of recommended solutions, for example compatibility of fertilization and plant protection programs, as well as combined use of agrochemicals. We yield positive test results for fertilizer miscibility with commonly used pesticides. We also offer the advantage of a long shelf-life for our products and availability of liquid and powder formulations.


Advisory services

A wide range of support services are provided by a team of INTERMAG advisors, including trainings, field demonstrations, seminars and individual advice.


The existence of the Research and Development Centre at INTERMAG aligns with our corporate strategy, where great emphasis is put on research and development of innovative products designed for use in agriculture. Our research team includes world-class specialists in the areas of technology, chemistry, biology and microbiology.


The INTERMAG laboratories are equipped with modern instruments to perform a wide range of tasks including formulations, chemical analyses and biological research. They include four main laboratories: the formulation laboratory, analytical laboratory, biotechnology laboratory and biological research laboratory.

R&D Centre

Formulation Research Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with high quality instruments for conducting tasks associated with the design and the development of new products.

Analytical Laboratory

This laboratory is an important part of the INTERMAG product, quality control process.  It performs the chemical composition analysis of the raw materials we use; of our manufactured products and of any newly developed formulations. This laboratory help facilitate the optimization of our research and development goals and a consistent high-quality product.

R&D Centre
R&D Centre

Biotechnology Laboratory

This laboratory provides the environment and equipment where our microbiologists work on the development of new generations of biopreparations using isolations of selected strains of microorganisms.


Biological Research Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with a state of the art phytotron for conducting studies on plants in programmed and strictly controlled climatic conditions and an experimental tunnel for climate modeling which includes features such as automated heating, ventilation, shading, watering, and plant feeding systems.


To provide a team of experienced committed, and passionate professionals, with modern equipment and instruments to develop and manufacture innovative preparations used in modern agriculture around the world. This constitutes the foundation of the INTERMAG mission.

R&D Centre
R&D Centre
R&D Centre
R&D Centre
R&D Centre
R&D Centre
R&D Centre
R&D Centre


INTERMAG currently has two production plants located in southern Poland.

Manufactured products include:

  • liquid and suspension fertilizer concentrates
  • crystalline soluble fertilizers
  • fertilizer chelates and feed chelates in the form of ultragranules and liquid
  • granular fertilizers
  • pro-health products for animals in aqueous, oil, and aqueous-oil formulation.

Our production facilities are equipped with:

  • reaction vessels of 1 – 20 m3 capacity, specialized control and measuring equipment and instruments, and installations for filling finished preparations in packaging of 0.1 to 1000 liter capacity
  • equipment for weighing, grinding, averaging, and mixing raw materials, as well as packaging into bags and containers of 0.5 kg to 1000 kg
  • spray-dryers, including a dryer with a spray-bed for the production of ultragranules.
Zakład produkcyjny Osiek
Zakład produkcyjny Olkusz
Comprehensive equipment and universal character of individual production lines ensure high productivity with simultaneous possibility of parallel production of various types of products and quick change of product. Modern equipment in the production lines are equipped with systems for automatic control and measurement of technological processes, visualization, and communication with the company IT system supporting supply, production, and logistics. 

All equipment conforms to the highest standards for occupational safety and environmental protection. Each product batch is subject to thorough quality control before being released for sale.
Zakład produkcyjny Olkusz

Production plants
Production plants
Production plants
Production plants
Production plants
Zakład produkcyjny
Zakład produkcyjny
Zakład produkcyjny


Warehouse and Logistics Centre operates in accordance with the implemented modern WMS class IT system that supports all processes associated with order planning, booking, selection and release of goods from the warehouse, and transport selection and organisation. At the same time, the system covers the area of raw materials and packaging purchase planning, planning, supervision, and control over production and quality control.

Based the customers' orders it is possible to quickly check and book stocks and to efficiently plan production in advance and in the correct quantity.

R&D Centre

Modern warehouse is divided into three areas:

  • Collection area - an area where goods are received from two INTERMAG production plants
  • Storage area - main warehouse equipped with high storage shelves
  • Release area - an area where orders are prepared for shipments.

The collection and release areas are equipped with independent loading ramps for 50 FTL trucks and cargo containers received and dispatched per day.


Process optimization and full availability of finished products ensure timely delivery to customers.

R&D Centre


INTERMAG sp. z o.o.
Al. 1000-lecia 15G,

32-300 OLKUSZ


Register Court – District Court in Krakow – Srodmiescie

XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register

NCR no. 0000100441

VAT-ID nr.  PL 637-011-20-65
Amount of share capital PLN 177 000



IQNet Certificate, confirming compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09

Certificate confirming compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09

Certificate confirming compliance with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 PN-EN

GMP + B1 Certificate, confirming the standard of good manufacturing practices in the production of animal feed mixes

QAL GmbH Certificate, confirming compliance with the control system for A-FUTTER feedstuffs in German

Product Qualification Certificate for use in organic agriculture in Poland MIKROCHELAT Cu-15

Product Qualification Certificate for use in organic agriculture in Poland MIKROCHELAT Fe-13

Product Qualification Certificate for use in organic agriculture in Poland MIKROCHELAT Mn-13

Product Qualification Certificate for use in organic agriculture in Poland MIKROCHELAT Zn-15

Product Qualification Certificate for use in organic agriculture in Poland MIKROVIT BORON


"GOLD STEVIES AWARD"- the International Business Award for the best marketing campaign of TYTANIT


Special Mention Agricultural Industry 2019 for TYTANIT


Economic Award 2018 for the most active companies in the category of medium-sized companies for BACTIM STRAW


Award in the category Company Menager for Mr. Hubert Kardasz CEO of Intermag

Economic Award 2016 for the most active companies in the category of medium-sized companies in Malopolska

Business Gazelle in the 16th edition of the ranking of most dynamic small and medium-sized companies

Quality of the Year 2016 in the category of innovation for BACTIM STRAW

Award in the category of Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

Honorable mention in the 1st edition of Initiation of Innovation 2015 contest in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises


Quality of the Year 2015 in the category of innovation for animal health product line


On-going EU projects


  • A new generation of microbiological products that ensure higher efficiency of crop production and at the same time reduce the use of chemicals in agriculture
  • Implementation of the R&D results in order to launch the production of a group of innovative biopreparations for modern agriculture
  • Modern agrochemical formulations based on biodegradable ligands and other natural resistance-stimulating compounds, enhancing biofortification of plants for use in Integrated Crop Production


Implemented EU projects


  • INTERMAG sp. z o.o. marketed a new-generation preparation for the control of external parasites in poultry
  • A new generation of biopreparations based on active microorganisms that improve soil properties
  • Implementation of an innovative technology for the production of fertilizers and stimulants in the form of micro-granules
  • New technology for producing crop production aid preparations from protein hydrolysates
  • Implementation of an innovative technology for processing of liquid fertilizers
  • Launch by INTERMAG sp. z o.o. of phytogenic products that prevent coccidiosis
  • Support in obtaining protection for the fertilizer-stimulant containing titanium
  • Support in obtaining protection for the fertilizer-stimulant containing silicon