PLANTICINE® has just received ECOCERT certification for use in organic farming!

PLANTICINE® is a unique biostimulant of the immune system, containing plant compounds – oligogalacturonides. Its extraordinary efficacy is derived from the innovative BioVaxin® formula. We know that when plants are attacked by pathogens, growth and development are impaired. However, plants have their own natural defence mechanisms to protect them from these threats.

PLANTICINE® acts as a signal to plants, activating their natural immune system to produce defence proteins. It induces a defensive response and prepares plants for pathogen attack. Through extensive research, we have developed the innovative BioVaxin® formula that ensures PLANTICINE® is highly effective in activating plants’ natural defence mechanisms.

PLANTICINE® not only effectively supports the action of crop protection products, but also allows a reduction in the amount of chemicals used. Thanks to the unique BioVaxin® formula, plants are ready for rapid and effective defence against potential threats.

BioVaxin® offers:

✅ An innovative bioactive formula that regulates plant defence processes,

✅ Activation and stimulation of the plant’s immune system,

✅ Effective and efficient action to ensure plant resistance to pathogens.

We are very proud to have received ECOCERT certification for PLANTICINE®, which confirms our ongoing work on innovative solutions for organic farming. With PLANTICINE®, growers will have an effective tool to enhance the natural resistance of their plants and protect the environment. 🌍🌿

PLANTICINE® has just received ECOCERT certification for use in organic farming!
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