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PLANTICINE® – Innovation in enhancing the natural resistance of plants

Increasing the natural resistance of plants is an increasingly discussed topic. Crop loss due to pests and diseases are one of the biggest challenges facing agriculture. Worldwide, the FAO estimates that annual crop losses due to pests and diseases range from 20 to 40% of production. In the near future, the use of chemical pesticides will continue to be restricted. Farmers, gardeners and orchardists will therefore be forced to use other measures.

Infected plants show growth and development problems and, in extreme cases, die. Plants use natural defence mechanisms to protect themselves against pests and diseases. There are two types of resistance to infection: induced systemic resistance (ISR), which acts locally in cells surrounding the site of infection, and acquired systemic resistance (SAR), which develops in all parts of the plant. When the vigilance mode is activated, the expression of thousands of genes, among other things, makes the plant much more resistant to infection and damage. The compounds that regulate the processes responsible for countering threats in cells are called elicitors. Plants synthesise various biologically active and signalling compounds, such as oligogalacturonides. Oligogalacturonides have a regulatory function in cells and influence the plant’s immune response.

PLANTICINE® – Immunization for plants

PLANTICINE® is a plant immunizer with proven efficacy – a unique biostimulant of natural defence mechanisms containing substances of plant origin. As a result of advanced research, the innovative BioVaxin® formula was developed, which ensures the high efficiency of PLANTICINE® in activating natural defence mechanisms. Thanks to the unique BioVaxin® formula, plants are ready for fast and effective defence against potential threats. The BioVaxin® formula has been created thanks to an advanced technology consisting in the extraction of natural plant substances – oligogalacturonides. Thanks to them, plants can effectively activate the immune system. In practice, this means less infestation by fungal diseases and less damage to plants by pests. PLANTICINE® is ideal as an effective supplement to conventional pesticides, allowing you to reduce their use.

PLANTICINE® – Innovation in enhancing the natural resistance of plants
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