“Privacy Policy”

This policy provides information about INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP Capital Group the grounds and manner of personal data processing, and whether you are data subject, about the rights that you have and provides the contact data of INTERMAG Capital Group if the need be.

INTERMAG Capital Group reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason. The date of the last amendment to the Privacy Policy shall be indicated at the beginning of this page as “Last Updated”.

Data controller – the INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP

When the INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP  is indicated in the content of this policy, it shall mean the following companies:

  1. INTERMAG sp. z o.o., a limited liability company with its registered office in Olkusz, 32-300 Olkusz, Al. 1000-lecia 15G, entered into the National Court Register under No. KRS 0000100441, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 6370112065, Company Number (REGON): 00134119200000, initial capital: PLN 177,000.00
    • INSOL sp. z o.o. a limited liability company with its registered office in Puławy, 34-110 Puławy, ul. Ignacego Mościckiego 1, entered into the National Court Register under No. KRS 0000604361, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 7162818237, Company Number (REGON): 363582127, initial capital: PLN 1,125,000.00
    • AGRISE sp. z o.o. a limited liability company with its registered office in Olkusz, 32-300 Olkusz, Al. 1000-lecia 15G, entered into the National Court Register under No. KRS 0000514385, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 6372193808, Company Number (REGON): 123151360, initial capital: PLN 105, 000.00.
    • AGROMODUS sp. z o.o. a limited liability company with its registered office in Osiek, 32-300 Olkusz, ul. Zimnodolska 44, Osiek City, entered into the National Court Register under No. KRS 0000470650, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 5252560770, Company Number (REGON): 146813885, BDO Number: 000557566, initial capital: PLN 100,000.00,
    • INTERMAG -AGRO sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Osieku, 32-300 Olkusz, ul. Zimnodolska 44, Osiek City, entered into the National Court Register under No. KRS 0000786866, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 6372207278, Company Number (REGON): 383385842, initial capital: PLN 50,000.00.

    INTERMAG Capital Group is the data controller in respect of personal data processed in compliance with this policy (unless otherwise stated in this policy).

    Whenever the provisions of this policy concern the rights, obligations and rules relating to the INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP, this also applies to a single entity within the capital group.

    This Privacy Notice also applies to the marketing content of INTERMAG Capital Group, including offers and advertisements for INTERMAG Capital Group products and services that we (or a service provider acting on our behalf) display on third-party websites, platforms and applications based on information about your use of a given website. Such third-party websites generally provide their own Privacy Notices and their own Terms and Conditions of Use. We encourage you to read them before you use such websites.

    Personal data

    Personal data shall mean any information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify a specific individual. This definition includes personal data collected off-line through our consumer engagement centres, direct marketing campaigns, lotteries and contests, as well as on-line through our websites, applications, and corporate web pages on third-party platforms and in applications available or used through third-party platforms.

    When you contact us, you may be asked to provide your personal data. Data controllers may disclose your personal data to one another and other companies affiliated or partnered with INTERMAG Capital Group and use it in a manner consistent with this document. We may also combine it with other information to improve our products, services, content and advertisements.

    You are not obliged to provide INTERMAG Capital Group with the personal data that we request but if you do not do that, we may not be able to provide you with our products and services, provide high quality service, or respond to your enquiries.

    Information not collected by INTERMAG Capital Group – children

    INTERMAG Capital Group does not knowingly solicit data online from children under the age of 13 or offer data to such children. INTERMAG Capital Group does not knowingly collect personal data concerning children under the age of 13. If INTERMAG Capital Group learns that a child under the age of 13 has provided INTERMAG Capital Group with personal data without their parents’ consent, INTERMAG Capital Group shall take steps to delete such personal data.

    Types of personal data processed by INTERMAG Capital Group

    INTERMAG Capital Group may process personal data about you that it has obtained from you or from other sources. Your personal data that may be processed by INTERMAG Capital Group may include:

    • your first name and surname;
    • your place of work, position or department;
    • your address, telephone number, email address or other contact details (this data may relate to your work or be personal data, depending on the nature of the relationship with you or the entity that you provide work to);
    • the information that you provide yourself when communicating with INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP by phone, email, through the website of INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP, through social media or otherwise. It includes the information you provide to INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP or that INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP receives when you use the website of INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP, get access to the events organised by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP or subscribe to its services, are provided with its goods or services, inquire about services provided by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP, place an order, take part in a contest, promotion or survey, as well as the data that you provide when you contact INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP to report a problem, or perform these activities on behalf of a person you work for;
    • the information relating to transactions with INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP involving you or the person that you work for (for example, details of products developed by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP or services that INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP has provided to you or received from you or that INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP has provided to the person that you work for);
    • other information about you that INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP needs to process in order to enter into or perform a contract with you or the person that you work for (for example, the right to information about your work and information obtained from credit reference agencies if it is necessary to enable INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP to carry out appropriate checks in relation to contracts with you or another person that you provide work to or with whom you are otherwise related);
    • the information about the events to which you are invited or to which people related with you are invited, as well as personal data and preferences to the extent that such information is relevant to the organisation and management of those events (for example, dietary requirements);
    • the information about you that you provide to INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP or that INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP otherwise obtains during your visit to one of the INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP member (for example, if you sign in or are recorded by CCTV when visiting any INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP facility or if you provide INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP with the registration details of your vehicle);
    • the information that INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP obtains from you when you use its website, of which:
      • the technical information, of which the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet, login information, browser type and version, time zone settings, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system and platform;
      • the information about your visit, including the full URL, the sequence of clicks to, through and from the website of INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP (of which date and time), the services you viewed or searched for, response times, download errors, length of visits to certain pages, site interaction information (such as scrolling, clicks and mouse drags), methods used to leave the site, and the phone number used to call INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP or the social media used to contact INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP.
        • The personal data that we collect from other sources. We collect personal data from other sources, such as from our trusted third-party partners and third-party platforms where INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP has accounts: For example, when you use the “like” function on Facebook, or the +1 function on Google+, or share content on Instagram. In addition, we receive information about your interactions with our advertisements to verify if they are relevant and effective. We also collect the information about you and your activities from third parties when we offer services or products jointly with them, or from third-party data enrichment providers who provide INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP with analytics about the personal data they hold.


    The manner of using the cookies in personal data processing is explained in Zasady dotyczące plików cookie” [The Cookies Policy] that you should read.

    Manner of handling personal data by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP

    INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP processes personal data for the following purposes:

    • to advertise, market and provide information about its services and products;
    • to manage its website in compliance with its terms and conditions and for internal purposes, of which troubleshooting and data analysis, testing, research, statistics and survey purposes;
    • to improve its website to ensure that the content is presented in the most effective way for you and your computer;
    • to ensure the security of its website and other systems;
    • to measure or understand the effectiveness of the advertisements presented to you and other entities and to present appropriate advertisements;
    • to make suggestions and recommendations about services and products that may be of interest to you or the person that you provide work to, and – where appropriate – based on your preferences;
    • to enter into and perform contracts with you or the person that you provide work to
    • if you purchase our products – to process payments, provide order status information, handle enquiries and requests, and evaluate and handle complaints;
    • to:
      • provide services to customers and other users of such services;
      • procure goods and services from suppliers;
      • manage and administer relationships with customers, suppliers or other users of its services;

    Furthermore, the basis for processing your personal data in some cases is the so-called “legitimate interest”. A legitimate interest may occur, for example, when you are interested in a loyalty program under one of our brands and we use the personal data collected to perform data analysis aimed at improving our products or services. Such a basis for using the data shall only be used where it is necessary to achieve the legitimate interest, for example, to help perform a contract or to optimise a service, and it does not violate your rights as a natural person. Such a legal basis shall only be used where there is no less intrusive way of processing your personal data. We can assure you that if a legitimate interest is applied as the basis for processing your personal data, this shall be noted and you shall have the right to ask for this information.

    We also process your personal data when we have a legal obligation (such as tax or social security obligations) to perform such processing. For example, a court order or an order to attend a court of law may require us to process personal data for a specific purpose, or we may need to process personal data to report suspicious transactions in compliance with local anti-money laundering laws.


    INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP uses personal data to create profiles. We create profiles by analysing information about how people surf the web, search and make purchases, and interact with our brands by building segments (creating groups that share certain characteristics) and placing personal data in one or more segments. Such segments are used by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP to personalise the website and our communications with you (e.g., by displaying relevant content when you visit our website or newsletter), and to display relevant offers and advertisements of INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP through third-party websites. INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP creates profiles from your data only when you have given us your consent to do so; for example, by accepting cookie settings in your browser or subscribing to a newsletter.

    You can withdraw your consent at any time to prevent the use of your personal data in this way by using the “manage cookies” section of the Cookie Usage Notice or by unsubscribing from the newsletter.


    INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP collects data, with your consent, from:

    Our websites, about the content you view and how you interact with it;

    Our digital advertisements that we display on social media platforms and websites of other publishers; and

    Forms that you complete and send online to us with information about your interests.

    If you have asked to receive emails or text messages from us, we track whether they are opened and read and whether you have clicked through to see what interests you so that we can send you more content that we think you may like.

    We use this data to profile your preferences and dislikes. For example, if we see that you regularly view certain content, we may send you more of that content.

    Based on such profile information, we may also display advertisements that you may like, that we advertise with. Sometimes, with your consent, we may use your current location data to show you advertisements related to promotions or events near you that we think may be of interest to you.

    To whom INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP transfers your personal data

    INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP may share your personal data with:

    • any member of its group, which means its subsidiaries and their subsidiaries;
    • relevant third parties, of which:
      • its business partners, customers, suppliers and subcontractors for the purpose of performing any contracts that INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP enters into or other transactions that INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP performs with you or the person that you provide work to;
      • its accountants, programmers, auditors, legal advisers, and other professional advisers or service providers;
    • with respect to the information obtained through its website:
      • its advertisers and advertising networks that require your information in order to select and deliver relevant advertisements to you and others. INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP does not disclose information concerning identifiable persons to its advertisers but INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP does provide them with aggregate information about its users. INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP may also use such aggregate information to help advertisers target the audience that INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP wants to reach. INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP may use the personal data it collects from you to fulfil the requests of its advertisers by displaying their advertisements to that target audience, with the reservation of that part of this policy that relates to cookies;
      • providers of analytical data and search engine data who help INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP improve and optimise its website, with the reservation of that part of this policy that relates to cookies.

    Other possible disclosures by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP

    INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP may disclose your personal data to third parties:

    • if you sell or buy any business or its assets, in which case INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP may disclose your personal data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets, subject to the terms and conditions of this “Privacy Policy”;
    • if the enterprise of INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP or substantially all of its assets are acquired by a third party, where personal data about you held by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP will become one of the transferred assets;
    • if INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP is imposed the obligation to disclose or share your personal data which arises from the law or which is aimed at enforcing or applying its general terms and conditions or terms and conditions of supply and other agreements concluded with you, or aimed at protecting the rights, property or safety of INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP, its customers, employees or others. This includes the exchange of information with other companies and organisations (including law enforcement authorities) for the purposes of financial fraud protection and other risk mitigation.

    Legal grounds for processing personal data by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP

    INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP processes personal data on the following grounds:

    • where prior consent to data processing is required in order to process the data (e.g. direct marketing activities), INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP shall obtain and rely on consent in relation to the given type of processing (see section below on Ways of withdrawal of consent to data processing).
    • otherwise, INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP will only process personal data where it is necessary:
      • in order to perform a contract to which you are a party or to take steps at your request prior to entering into such a contract;
      • in order to comply with a legal obligation to which INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP is subject; or
      • for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP or another person provided that this will only occur in the circumstances where such legitimate interests are not overriding to your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms which require protection of personal data (the majority of circumstances in which INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP processes your personal data in connection with its relationship with the entity that you provide work to fall into this category).

    Period of personal data processing by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP

    INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP processes personal data only for the time necessary for the purposes for which it has been originally collected, and after that the personal data is deleted or archived, except where INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP is obliged to continue the processing of such data in order to comply with legal obligations applicable to it or for other legitimate and lawful purposes. If you are a customer or prospective customer, INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP will store your personal data for up to 3 years from the moment of its collection unless a different period applies in connection with such purposes.

    Your data may also be retained so that we can continue to improve the services used by you and provide you with loyalty rewards due to you.

    We store certain data that has been directly collected for targeting purposes for as short a time as possible, after which we permanently delete it.

    We will actively review the personal data we store and securely delete it or, in some cases, anonymise it when there is no longer a legal, business or consumer need to store it.

    Locations of personal data processing

    Your data processed by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP may be transferred to and stored at a location outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”) which may not be subject to equivalent data protection laws. It may also be processed by the employees located outside the EEA who work for INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP or for one of its suppliers. This includes the personnel employed to process orders, process payment data and provide support services, among other things.

    Where personal data is transferred in connection with the provision of services, INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP takes all steps that are necessary to ensure that the data is subject to appropriate security measures and is handled securely and in accordance with this “Privacy Policy”.

    INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP applies the generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information you provide to INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP, both during its transmission and after its receipt. All processed personal data is stored on secure servers. All payment transactions will be encrypted with the use of relevant technology. If INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP has provided you with (or if you have decided to make) a password to access certain parts of the website or systems, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of that password. INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP asks you not to share your password with anyone else.

    Unfortunately, the transmission of information over the Internet is not completely secure. Although INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP makes every effort to protect the data in the best possible way, INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP cannot guarantee or warrant the security of data transmitted to its website, and any such transmission is at your risk. Once INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP has received such information, it will use strict procedures and security features in an attempt to prevent unauthorised access.

    Please note that other websites that are linked to the Websites or to emails of INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP may contain privacy provisions that differ from those provided for in this “Privacy Policy”. You are advised to review the privacy statements of such other linked websites, applications or other digital materials to ensure privacy protection.

    Rights that you have

    You have the following rights in relation to the personal data processed by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP:

    • You may request access to your personal data (see section below on obtaining access to your personal data).
    • You may request the rectification of any inaccurate personal data that concerns you and is processed by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP.
    • In certain circumstances (usually where personal data has been provided by you and it is no longer necessary for INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP to continue to process it), you may have the right to request INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP to delete it.
    • Where personal data is processed on the basis of your prior consent, you may withdraw your consent to data processing following which INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP will cease its processing.
    • If you have a complaint about processing your personal data by INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP, you can contact INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP  or, if you have your address of residence in the EU, you can contact your local regulatory authority.

    Ways of withdrawal of consent to data processing

    You can withdraw your consent to personal data processing:

    • by sending an email at the following address: intermag@intermag.eu;
    • by writing to INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP at registration address of any of the members of the INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP.

    Ways of exercising the right of access to personal data

    You can exercise your right of access to your personal data:

    • by sending an email at the following address: intermag@intermag.eu;
    • by writing to INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP at registration address of any of the members of the INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP.

    Please note that INTERMAG CAPITAL GROUP may request additional information to confirm your identity before providing the requested information.

    Amendments to this policy

    Any future amendments to the “Privacy Policy” shall be published on this page and, where appropriate, notified to you by electronic mail. You should regularly check for updates and amendments to the “Privacy Policy”.

    Last Updated: 24.11.2021 r.

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