Autumn fertilization of oilseed rape – plants need a nutrient supplementation

Oilseed rape is known for its high nutrient requirements, and this season rape plantations have produced an extremely high biomass. For this reason, plants start running out of nutrients. In this situation INTERMAG, as always, comes to help.

AMINO ULTRA® OIL CROPS and BORMAX® TURBO are the best for quickly and effectively supplement a micronutrient deficiencies in oilseed rape.

AMINO ULTRA® OIL CROPS – ultra fast effect of nourishment

In the composition of this fertilizer we have included a set of necessary micronutrients for a proper development and wintering of oilseed rape. But that’s not all! The GCAA technology used in our product allows for faster and more effective plant nutrition. GCAA technology is based on glycine, the simplest amino acid, which forms a complex with micronutrients, allowing for more efficient and faster plant nutrition.  In addition, glycine is biodegradable, making AMINO ULTRA® OIL CROPS safe for crops and the environment.

BORMAX® TURBO – will prepare your plants for a winter dormancy

The high nutritional requirements of oilseed rape for boron make an adequate supplementation of this nutrient essential. BORMAX® TURBO provides a high concentration of boron (up to 150 g/L) and, thanks to INT technology, it is absorbed more effectively and quickly by the plants. The use of this product guarantees higher yields and proper development during intensive growth.

BORMAX® TURBO can be used in ecological agriculture in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2018/848.

You already know what to do to keep your oilseed rape in the best possible condition.

Autumn fertilization of oilseed rape – plants need a nutrient supplementation
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