BACTIM® NUTRI – for better plant nutrition and higher yields

Proper plant nutrition is the basis for high yields of good commercial quality. Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for plant growth and development. Plants take up nitrogen from the soil in the form of nitrate and ammonium ions and use it to produce many building proteins, pigments such as chlorophylls and other key organic compounds for metabolism. Lack of sufficient nitrogen can lead to disruption of normal plant physiology, resulting in reduced yields and poor plant growth. Various forms of fertiliser can be used to ensure that plants receive sufficient nitrogen, including nitrogenous, organic or mineral fertilisers. However, it is important to maintain the nitrogen balance in the soil as excess nitrogen can lead to contamination of ground and surface water, a common effect of overuse of artificial fertilisers. An environmentally friendly alternative is the use of microbial products, which contain micro-organisms capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen and making it available to plants. One such product is BACTIM® NUTRI N+, which contains a carefully selected strain of Azotobacter chroococcum bacteria. These bacteria fix atmospheric nitrogen, increasing the pool of plant-available nitrogen in the soil.

The use of BACTIM® NUTRI N+ has a positive effect on nitrogen balance, plant nutrition and yield. This effect can be further enhanced by using the biopreparation BACTIM® NUTRI P+, based on Bacillus spp. bacteria, which are able to release phosphorus in the soil. This element is extremely important for plant nutrition and plays a key role in the proper growth of roots and yield-forming organs. BACTIM® NUTRI P+ also enhances the efficient use of phosphorus supplied from soil fertilisers by protecting it from chemical fixation. It is also worth mentioning that the bacteria contained in BACTIM® NUTRI N+ and BACTIM® NUTRI P+ have a positive effect on plants thanks to their ability to synthesise and release bioactive compounds into the soil environment, such as: enzymes, plant hormones or siderophores.

BACTIM® NUTRI technology therefore helps to maximise crop yields by increasing the pool of available nitrogen and phosphorus and intensifying root system development, while maintaining the balance of the soil ecosystem.

BACTIM® NUTRI – for better plant nutrition and higher yields
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