At the beginning of March PhD  Sebastian Żmudzki (Market Development Manager INTERMAG) visited our distributor in Vietnam, Arysta LifeScience Company. He conducted series of trainings and had on-farm meeting with end-users.

For several years our flag product, biostimulant TYTANIT is present in the local market. We managed to introduce TYTANIT use for crops important for Vietnamese agriculture and food production. The most important one is still rice. Vietnam is the fifth biggest producer of rice in the world with annual production more than 40 mln tones. Farmers using TYTANIT report increase in green plant biomass and significant increase in yielding. These results are coherent with observations on cereals from other geographical zones.

Two years ago our distributor decided to expand promotion to perennial crops market and put more attention to TYTANIT stimulation during flowering: flowers strengthening and pollination intensification. Currently TYTANIT is present in more than 20% of durian plantations in Mekong River Delta  area and still expanding. Durian is very important export cash crop, and the area of plantations increases every year. Also the interest in ready to eat fruits in the market (local and overseas) is booming. Visited farmers reported 20% increase in marketable yield, what guaranties significant income improvement. The second target group of end-users are local citrus growers. After two years of TYTANIT application they noticed significant yield increase combined with fruits quality improvement. Clusters of fruits are bigger, fruits are more uniform and firmer and has increased potential to expand and growth if fed and watered properly.

Fig. 1. Citrus fruits after the application of TYTANIT (on the left) compared to the control (on the right)

This year cooperating distributor is planning to work more with vegetable growers and to maintain increase in perennial crops plantations. INTERMAG specialists will support this activity with future visits combined with trainings and on-farm meetings.

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