New technology in PLONVIT® fertilisers and a microbiological revolution!


We are introducing an improved micronutrient fertilisers from the PLONVIT® series. They differ from their previous version with a new, innovative NUTRIBOOST™ technology, which uses a naturally occurring substance in plants to enhance the efficiency of plant nutrition.


The introduction of the patented NUTRIBOOST™ technology is the result of numerous experiments and collaboration with many research centers. Before the new PLONVIT® fertilizers were launched on the market, 15 active substances were tested, and more than 1000 experiments and 40 field studies were conducted. This allowed for the selection of the most effective solution, proving to be excellent in foliar feeding with micronutrients.

The NUTRIBOOST™ technology used in PLONVIT® fertilizers is based on the combination of micronutrients with an organic molecule of gluconic acid, which naturally occurs in plants. This ensures higher nutrition efficiency, better absorption, and increases the speed of transport and metabolism of nutrients in the plant. PLONVIT® with NUTRIBOOST™ technology guarantees higher concentrations of micronutrients than standard technologies and supports the production of additional energy in the plant. Studies show that the application of PLONVIT® NUTRIBOOST™ intensifies photosynthesis processes, the formation of chlorophyll, enzymes and proteins necessary for plant growth. Therefore, PLONVIT® fertilizers are much more efficient than standard chelates based on EDTA and other chelating substances. Thanks to the addition of suitable formulating substances that lower surface tension, PLONVIT® fertilizers also provide very good coverage of the plant with the working liquid. PLONVIT® NUTRIBOOST fertilizers are compatible with most other agrochemicals, which significantly facilitates their introduction into fertilization programs used by farmers, without the need for radical changes. This is associated with safety for crops and better delivery of nutrients.

The new generation of PLONVIT® fertilizers with NUTRIBOOST™ technology contains a complex of carefully selected micronutrients, in quantities and proportions consistent with the requirements of individual plant species. This allows meeting the plants’ needs for micronutrients. Fertilizers applied foliarly quickly reach the plant organs and rapidly supplement any deficiencies in micronutrients. Improved PLONVIT® fertilizers enable farmers to manage their crops even more precisely and use available resources more efficiently, translating into higher yields and better quality of agricultural products. Products: PLONVIT® LEGUMES, PLONVIT® CEREALS, PLONVIT® MAIZE, PLONVIT® OIL CROPS, PLONVIT® SUGAR BEET, and PLONVIT® POTATO are now available on the market. This is an opportunity to check the benefits of their use.


In response to the growing demand for sustainable cultivation methods, INTERMAG is also expanding its range of microbiological products by introducing BACTIM® ENDOFIX to the market. This unique product uses advanced technology for atmospheric nitrogen fixation and the production of biostimulant substances directly in the plant. The key ingredient is a patented strain of endophytic bacteria, Paenibacillus polymyxa, which penetrates into the plant, delivering directly bioavailable forms of nitrogen and biostimulant substances such as phytohormones, amino acids, enzymes, and proteins. BACTIM® ENDOFIX is characterized by its unique ability to work independently of soil conditions. The product provides plants with better nitrogen supply from the moment of application until harvest and also allows for a reduction in the use of nitrogen fertilizers by up to 20%, while maintaining a high yield potential.

New technology in PLONVIT® fertilisers and a microbiological revolution!
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