AMINO ULTRA® Zn-24 in Eco

AMINO ULTRA® Zn-24 is the first in our AMINO ULTRA range to be registered for use in organic farming by the prestigious FIBL Research Institute for Organic Agriculture.

AMINO ULTRA® Zn-24 is a fertilizer with the unique GCAA technology, in which microelements are combined with the amino acid glycine. Glycine is the smallest and most mobile amino acid in plants.

Therefore, the micro-nutrients bound to glycine provide faster and more effective plant nutrition than mineral salts, oxides or fertilizers based on other complexing agents.

AMINO ULTRA® – benefits:

  • ultra-fast nutritional effect,
  • safety and efficacy of plant nutrition,
  • efficiency and profitability even under unfavorable growing conditions thanks to the low dose per hectare.

The fertilizer is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

AMINO ULTRA® Zn-24 in Eco
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